Friday, April 27, 2012

The astig wedding :)

     I love attending weddings because it feels like everybody was so deeply in love.. I love browsing some wedding concept, wedding gown, wedding cakes etc.
Well as a wedding coordinator I should have a lot of ideas about weddings... 
And I should have a unique concept for a wedding so that my clients will gonna love it... but for my personal choice The wedding of Kamikazee lead vocalist Jay Contretras and Sarah Abad Contreras was really great, some people say that it was morbid because of their motif black and red.. But because Jay and Sarah has a very creative mind their wedding was really awesome..  

Here are some pictures of Jay Contreras and Sarah Abad - Contreras Wedding: 

Wedding venue : Paco Church 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

sizzling hot!

     I want to have a body like this but I need a MIRACLE! hahahahaha.... Well I super love the bodies and also the curves of this girls! how I wish I can achieve this kind of body! but I need a loooootttt of work out to have this sizzling hot BODY! Well I just want to post this for MOTIVATION :) 


My no rice policy :)

     Well I'm a very figure conscious person! I don't want to get fat! So I decided not to have rice anymore..
It's been 2 months since the last time I ate rice..  I usually eat oatmeal as a substitute for rice.. but I still eat 1 slice of bread because my body still need a carb..  lot of people telling me that I'm not "FAT" yeah right I'm not fat but I want to have a perfect ABS! so during my rest day if I have extra time I usually do some crunches, aerobics, and Pilates... But honestly I miss eating rice but I need to stick to my goal! and rice contains a lot of carbs! 

                                                            No PAIN NO GAIN....

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


                       I super love my hazel and gray contact lens it adds more effect to my eyes :)