Wednesday, May 23, 2012


     Summer is not yet over for me hahaha... So I'm planning to spend my summer at the beach! but for sure I'm going at the beach by Monday because unfortunately I can't go there every weekends because I still need to go to work... But it's okay as long as I can spend my summer... Summer means hot body and of course sexy swim suit... So I looked at the internet for some swim suit that I can wear on the beach.. Thank god I loose weight already... whooohhhh.... Ever since I'm so in love with vintage stuff... I found a swim wear that is really vintage it's a bit expensive but it's fine with me as long as it's vintage :) 

here are the swim wear I really want to buy :

                                                         I super love this swim suit :)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Friendship never ENDS :) part 2

     Here's another pics of my friends they are my collage best buds... I'm always with them during IMUNAN session until now but some of our friends are working overseas... I miss them so much!


College buddies :) I have a lot of college buddies! I need to have enough time to upload their pics :)

Friendship never ENDS :)

   We met different kind of people in this world some are snobbish and some are funny... I have a lot of friends and most of them are really fun... I can say all of them are loyal and we treat each other like brothers and sisters... I can always lean on them especially when I have problems and I need a shoulder to cry on... they don’t hesitate to help me when I need them... But when they need me I make sure that I'm always to the rescue... As long as I can help them I will give my best for them... 
For me friends are like your younger or older brother and sisters... lot of my friends knows me very well they knew if I have a mood swing and they knew if I’m happy… When we’re together it seems that we don’t want to end the day… We usually talked about their days in the office or sometimes we talked about the person who’s really annoying… hahaha… My friends are always at my side they never get tired to listen to my story… They never get tired to give advice… if you did something wrong they will tell it straight to your face….  Most of my friends they have a strong personality same with me they never give up… No dull moment when we’re together we keep on laughing even sometimes its non-sense crazy people can understand each other!!! Hahaha…

Meet my crazy friends J good friends will not let you do crazy things ALONE :)


I'm going to upload another set of my friends picture :)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Gift from GOD!

   When woman get married everyone was waiting for her to conceived.. and they are so excited to see their baby.. all their family members is give names.. some of them wants a boy so that someday they will have a police officer in the family someday  or a basketball player.. but some of them wants to have a baby girl so that they will have a doctor or a super model someday.. but what ever gender it is for sure they will going to love that gift from god.. Well this year My friend Devy gave birth to a baby boy and also this year my super close friend, sister Prei got pregnant ... weeh so happy for them.. at the same time the two of them is asking me when will I get pregnant... Oh my god!!! hahaha I'm totally not yet READY!!! emotionally, and Financially.. I have lot of plans I want to travel, I want to have my own house and I want to buy new car hahaha... so ambitious right! I want to earn a lot of money so that when I get pregnant I can give all the things in this world to my little angel.. I'll send him/her to a good school..  I want to be a good provider and a mother for my family... whooohhh is this really me????? hahahaha.. 

                                              Daddy Dominic and Mommy Prei CONGRATS!
       During that time she doesn't have any idea that she was pregnant go thing we didn't have a drinking   session...

                                    My Super duper friend Devy and Her Baby DeAndre Carlslie
So Cute !!!!!!!

Well if I'm going to have a baby I want to have a baby girl so that I will have a barbie :)) but if god will give me a boy I will still be thankful... I just want to have a healthy baby :)) 

Sunday, May 6, 2012


     As a "girl " I have my addictions some girls are addicted to earrings, necklace with cute designs and bracelets with dolphins or what so ever :) ... Just like them I also have some addiction but I'm totally addicted with eye glasses I  really like the big one especially when it really looks vintage or like girls from NY times square :) .. And I'm so in love with shoes, Shoes with 3-5 inches heels ... Every time I'm going to buy shoes it takes me an hour...  I like the branded shoes because it's durable ... but if I really like the style of the shoes I don't care if it's branded or not :) ... I love make ups too!