Friday, May 11, 2012

Gift from GOD!

   When woman get married everyone was waiting for her to conceived.. and they are so excited to see their baby.. all their family members is give names.. some of them wants a boy so that someday they will have a police officer in the family someday  or a basketball player.. but some of them wants to have a baby girl so that they will have a doctor or a super model someday.. but what ever gender it is for sure they will going to love that gift from god.. Well this year My friend Devy gave birth to a baby boy and also this year my super close friend, sister Prei got pregnant ... weeh so happy for them.. at the same time the two of them is asking me when will I get pregnant... Oh my god!!! hahaha I'm totally not yet READY!!! emotionally, and Financially.. I have lot of plans I want to travel, I want to have my own house and I want to buy new car hahaha... so ambitious right! I want to earn a lot of money so that when I get pregnant I can give all the things in this world to my little angel.. I'll send him/her to a good school..  I want to be a good provider and a mother for my family... whooohhh is this really me????? hahahaha.. 

                                              Daddy Dominic and Mommy Prei CONGRATS!
       During that time she doesn't have any idea that she was pregnant go thing we didn't have a drinking   session...

                                    My Super duper friend Devy and Her Baby DeAndre Carlslie
So Cute !!!!!!!

Well if I'm going to have a baby I want to have a baby girl so that I will have a barbie :)) but if god will give me a boy I will still be thankful... I just want to have a healthy baby :)) 

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